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Canadian Association for the Study of Book Culture

Canadian Association for the Study of Book Culture
Newsletter - August 2012

Welcome to the third issue of the CASBC Digest ! Each month, we will select a few topics relevant to scholars who work on book culture and are based in Canada. Feel free to send an email to ljaill01@interchange.ubc.ca if you have news to include in the CASBC Digest.

  1. Journals

    --> The new issue of Mémoires du livre / Studies in Book Culture (Edited by Eli MacLaren) is now available:


    Table of Contents, Mémoires du livre / Studies in Book Culture, Volume 3, numéro 2, printemps 2012:

    1. Eli MacLaren: "New Studies in the History of Reading"

    2. Hans-Joachim Griep: "Das Lesen des Sternenhimmels in frühen Hochkulturen / The Reading of the Heavens in Early Advanced Cultures"

    3. Laura J. Murray: "Reading Antebellum New York Dailies Against the Grain: The Case of Almira C. Loveland"

    4. Pascal Brissette: "Le poète malheureux au Canada : Fréchette, lecteur de l’abbé Pinard"

    5. Claire Bruyère: "Creative Reading, or the New Life of Literary Works: American Instances"

    6. Stéphane Courant: "Guide de voyage, réceptions et interactions : le lecteur grégaire ou la lecture comme quête aux similitudes"

    7. Anatoliy Gruzd et DeNel Rehberg Sedo: "#1b1t: Investigating Reading Practices at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century"

    8. Paul Sopčák et Don Kuiken: "Readers’ Engagement with Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway: From Knowing about Death to the Experience of Finitude"

    9. Jen (J.L.) Pecoskie: "Reading in the “Grafted Space”: Public/Private Pleasure Reading and Sexual Identity"

    10. Julia Bonaccorsi: "Une esthétique renouvelée de la « scène de lecture » : l’iconographie publicitaire de la lecture sur les tablettes numériques"

    11. Monique Lebrun, Nathalie Lacelle et Jean-François Boutin: "Genèse et essor du concept de littératie médiatique multimodale"

    --> Marcel Lajeunesse has just published an article in Information & Culture:

    Marcel Lajeunesse. "The Contribution of Ægidius Fauteux and Edmond Desrochers to Quebec Librarianship in the Twentieth Century." Information & Culture: A Journal of History 47.3 (2012): 340-357. <http://tinyurl.com/8zlykhs>.


  2. Book Review

--> A review of Carole Gerson's Canadian Women in Print, 1750-1918 has just been published in Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature:

Roxanne Rimstead. "Canadian Women In Print, 1750–1918 (review)." Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature 30.1 (2011): 175-176. <http://tinyurl.com/8ljhoz6>.

Extract: "Carole Gerson is Canada’s lead detective in the field of women’s writing, and Canadian Women in Print, 1750–1918 could not have been written by anyone else, as it attests to her astonishingly wide, yet precise, knowledge of women’s roles all along the line of production."


  1. Call for Papers

    "Libraries and Religious Legacies/Questions sur nos collections"

    University of Victoria, Canada,

    29 May- 1 June/29 mai-1er juin 2013

    Gathering scholars, librarians, archivists and other actors of the heritage collections, this conference aims to articulate and address the questions arising from the transfer of large religious collections to public and university libraries.

    More information HERE



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